3 Cornish Foods You Simply Have To Try This Year

The Stargazy PieIn the English summer, there really is no better place to visit than Cornwall. Situated on the south coast of England, the area of Cornwall is known for its natural beauty and, if you’re after a vacation that is quintessentially English, then you really should look no further. Although many people will tell you that English cuisine is nowhere near its French and Italian counterparts, this simply isn’t true, and the quality of the food in Cornwall in particular means that self-catering accommodation rather than all inclusive is the only way to go. Sampling the very best of English food in a quaint cottage, what could be more British? Here are three foods you simply have to try while you’re there:

3) The Stargazy Pie

Unsurprisingly, for an island, much of England’s cuisine is influenced by the sea. Although true all across Britain, with fish and chips being a national dish, it is especially true in Cornwall, with many of Corwnall’s main towns being located right on the coast. The Stargazy pie incorporates everything that is brilliant about the sea, and if you get one from a restaurant, the fish is mind-blowingly fresh and tasty. Traditionally the heads of the fish are visible above the pastry top, so if you’re a little squeamish, this may not be the lunch for you.

2) The Cream Tea

When most people think of Britain, they think of tea. Every single café in Cornwall serves cream tea and, because of slight regional differences, it is always best to try a few. Traditionally, however, a cream tea contains a pot of tea, a fruit scone, strawberry jam and butter. It can only be described as Cornish if it is 55% fat– but that’s exactly what you want from an afternoon snack.

1) The Cornish Pasty

Despite both of these previous items being the perfect British cuisine, nothing exemplifies Cornwall more than the traditional Cornish pasty. A savoury dish that involves beef steak, onion and potato completely encased in pastry, a Cornish pasty is a food revolution that has spread throughout the country and there have even been trademark cases to protect the Cornish pasty against other fillings. Available en masse in chain stores like the Cornish Pasty Company or in small, independent restaurants, the choice is yours. But you have to stop and have one at some point.

So, there we have it. Three foods you simply have to try on your visit to Cornwall.

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