3 Best Boutique South Australian Wineries

Gibson WinesI’ll be honest, for years Australia has been notorious as a beer drinking culture. To see an Australian in the wild on a hot summer’s day without a beer in hand is like witnessing an American tourist without a bum bag. Stereotypes aside, a coldie or two… or three (five, let’s be honest) surrounded by mates on a slightly sticky wooden table at the local pub is more or less an Australian past time. However dear readers, times they are a-changing and we, as a nation, are becoming more sophisticated with our drinking habits.

The obligatory party goon sack and customary brews found on tap no longer satisfies our yuppie palette; punters are broadening their horizons searching for the next interesting infusion to quench their thirst. Finding the most unique melange of fruity textures is increasing in popularity and luckily, we live in the right country to do so. While there are a plethora of interesting wineries in Australia, there aren’t any quite like the ones in South Australia. Considered the wine capital of Australia, there is an abundance of vineyardsboasting their own distinctive tastes and processes. If you prefer the smaller and serener elements that a boutique winery brings, here are the top three to visit on a trip to South Australia.

Gibson Wines

When the subject of Australian wines is thrown up in at the dinner table, one must talk of the Barossa Valley. Why? Wine has been imbedded into the history of Barossa since 1842 and is arguably the leading wine making region in the country. Part of that history includes Gibson Wines; a family run business specialising in dry Rieslings, bold Pinot Gris, Merlot, modern Shiraz and Late Harvest Semillion. Their cellar door available to the public is a hidden gem that allows patrons to immerse in the Isabelle vineyard followed by a BBQ, snack and taste testing of their handcrafted wines. A day at Gibson Wines is truly relaxing with attentive and friendly staff who love to share old family stories.

Annies Lane

Clare Valley is the home of the Riesling, and no one does it quite like Annies Lane. In the heartland of Watervale, Annie’s Lane serves a versatile and elegant range of wines including Shiraz Cabernet, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and of course – Riesling. There are plenty of picnic spots to relax and enjoy good food and wine, however the estate really comes alive with music and wine when A Day On The Green comes rolling into town.

Penny’s Hill

It’s not hard to miss the limestone walls that build up the two-story Georgian estate of Penny’s Hill. Their wines effortlessly embody luscious flavours that are refined, balanced and leave you feeling satisfied. Spend a day sampling the selection, relaxing on comfy couches, or basking in the stunning outdoor scenery amongst the entertaining chickens.

Planning a trip to this region? Be sure to check out a range of Australian adventure tours by My Adventure Store to get the full wine country experience. Tell us what you think? What’s your favourite winery in Australia? Let us know in the comments below.

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