The 10 Greatest Restaurants in the Whole World

If you’re a foodie/traveller and love to try out dishes from all over the globe, you’ll love our list of the top 10 greatest restaurants in the whole world. While you’re off on your travels you can find these world class eateries and enjoy all kinds of cuisine, from French food to Greek goodies. Sound good to you? Read on to put these 10 amazing restaurants on your bucket list:

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10 – Vendome, Germany

Don’t be confused, the name of this restaurant simply comes from a town in France – it doesn’t serve French food. The food here is delicious and very German, with the meals tending to be something really special. 25 courses anyone?

9 – Steirereck, Austria

This restaurant serves food that are modern twists on old classics, using plenty of rare, sought after ingredients.

8 – Arzak, Spain

The techniques, herbs, and spices used for cooking here are really something else. Another restaurant that enjoys playing around with classic recipes!

7 – Dinner By Heston Blumenthal, London

Don’t eat here if you’re after delicate meals with theatrics – eat here if you want flavorsome, gutsy dishes that will stay with you forever! Heston is an amazing chef who can create an amazing meal out of seemingly nothing; you won’t believe your eyes or tastebuds!

6 – D.O.M., Brazil

D.O.M. has been named the best restaurant in South America for the last 4 years, and it isn’t hard to see why. The chef uses a variety of exotic foods to create amazing, unique dishes!

5 – Eleven Madison Park, New York

You’ll love the amazing dishes produced here, but not only that; the unique way in which they’re produced. You’ll often find meals are served to you in 2 separate stages – exciting!

4 – Mugaritz, Spain

The chef at Mugaritz really likes to treat guests to something special when dining here. Smaller dishes are served although they are much more intricate! You won’t believe the spectacular attention to detail.

3 – Osteria Francescana, Italy

The food here is so well thought out, you could even call some of the dishes eccentric. The food is showstopping!

2 – Noma, Denmark

Here you can try multiple small dishes, all of them delicious and stunning in their own way.

1 – El Celler De Can Roca, Spain

Number 1 on the list is located in Girona, so if you’re heading near there any time soon we advise that you make your way over to El Celler De Can Roca. You’ll be amazed at some of the dishes served here – especially the mind blowing pastry dishes.

There you have them, the 10 greatest restaurants in the whole wide world. Obviously it could be up for debate, but we highly recommend you visit these restaurants if you can. However, make sure you check SumoCoupon first to see if you can get a great deal on any restaurant and save a load of money. Enjoy!

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