The Worldwide Influence of Hybrid Supercars



The growth in popularity of hybrid cars has been perhaps the most notable development in the automobile world over the past couple of decades. The Toyota Prius led the way, an impressive car for city use that also carried a valuable badge about saving the environment, most manufacturers now have a hybrid model among their range. After all, the internal combustion engine is surely on its last legs; or is it?

There are many in the automobile industry who believe that, with the development of ever more efficient hybrid solutions, the life of the traditional engine can be extended, and it may surprise you to learn that much of the knowledge regarding hybrid technology has come not from the mass-produced models, but from limited run, exotic and highly advanced hybrid supercars.

Why McLaren Leads the Way

Think of supercars, and the old regular names spring to mind: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Porsche, for example. Yet, there is one brand that has forged a reputation as the leading name in technologically advanced supercars. McLaren has risen from being merely a racing team, to having a reputation as one of the most impressive supercar manufacturers of all. They benefit from specialist knowledge gained via their racing experience, and from the fact they deal only in low-volume production.

McLaren first entered the supercar world in the early 1990’s with the astonishing F1 – still regarded by many as the best driver’s car ever – and a successor was always going to be hotly anticipated. When the McLaren P1 was finally revealed, it was in fact a breath-taking moment, as this is by far the most advanced hybrid supercar yet made. The fact that McLaren has a technology arm that supplies parts to other manufacturers is significant, as this means that developments learned from the P1 are passed down to everyday models from other manufacturers, to the benefit of all.

Driving the McLaren P1

Reading about cars like the exotic and amazing McLaren P1 is one thing, but driving one is another. Of course, owning one is out of the question for all but a few very wealthy people – and all were sold pre-production – but you can drive one. How can this be so? Supercar hire is all the rage these days, and the McLaren P1 is just one of many examples of exotic, hybrid supercars that you can hire from the experts at Classic Parade. They have a vast range of supercars, luxury vehicles and classics that you can hire for whatever period you wish, and at surprisingly sensible prices.

Whether you want to drive a Ferrari or Maserati, or more luxurious cars such as a Rolls Royce or Bentley, Classic Parade has the best choice, and they can also hire you a wide variety of classic vehicles, which are great fun and a welcome change from your modern runabout. Check out Classic Parade now for the best selection of truly exclusive cars for hire, and perhaps you can spend some time in the company of a McLaren P1.

Top 3 Cities With The Best Food Scene


Top 3 Cities With The Best Food Scene

Whenever you go to a new location, you will want to experience as much of the local flavor as possible. This is not only referring to the culture and lifestyle, but also the food. For some travelers, a high-quality meal is the defining purpose of going to a new destination, because what can compare to a world class dish?

So, with that in mind, let’s take a mini tour of the best food cities in the country. When traveling to these places, be sure to utilize free weather apps so you aren’t trudging through rain or snow (or humidity).

Charleston, South Carolina

When most people think of the South, they imagine a lot of barbecue and meat dishes. However, Charleston will surprise you with the level of diversity it has to offer. What makes this city so incredible for foodies, is that you get a mix of old American culture and history blended with new cooking styles and traditions. Use your iPhone weather app to determine the best season to come for seafood.

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’ve never been to “N’awlins”, then you have never experienced the laissez-faire lifestyle that the city has to offer. This culture permeates everything, from the buildings to the food. You can get some delicious dishes while watching the sunset. Here, you want to take your time and enjoy everything right. Plus, you can get the best Creole food anywhere, and that’s an experience in itself.

Portland, OR

While the Pacific Northwest has more niche audiences this means that you get some of the best quality food for your money. The city on the river is host to numerous new restaurants that feature exciting, bold flavors that you can’t imitate anywhere else. Also, be sure to check out the thriving food cart scene if you prefer your plate to go.

Overall, the best cities for food are those where people have a passion for cooking (and eating). To truly become the best, a city has to offer something that you cannot find anywhere else. Don’t forget to use free weather apps to your advantage as well. Bon appetite!

Top 6 Restaurants in Angeles City


Image 1 food guide

Craving an adventure? Get your fill of Filipino cuisine with Park Inn by Radisson Clark’s helpful tips on where to eat in Pampanga. Affectionately known as the culinary capital of the Philippines, this central province is a foodie’s paradise, with everything from indulgent desserts to unique local delicacies on offer.

Follow our guide to the best Pampanga restaurants and discover this dynamic cuisine one dish at a time.

Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy and Sisig

Image 2 food guide

Revered for having some of the best sisig in Angeles City, Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy and Sisig serves up this Pampangan staple by the plateful. Made from pig’s head and seasoned with chilli, this salty and smoky bar snack is a must-try dish for travellers to the Philippines.

Binulo Restaurant


Can’t decide between traditional Filipino fare and more familiar cuisine? Book a table at Binulo Restaurant. As well known for local delicacies as it is for chargrilled steaks, this versatile eatery has something for everyone. Sample the signature Paco Salad – a unique combination of fiddlehead ferns, duck eggs and prawns – or simply enjoy a delicious sirloin, cooked to your liking over an open flame.

Café Fleur

Image 4 food guide

A fine dining institution combining traditional Filipino cuisine with classic French techniques, Café Fleur is the best place to sample Pampanga’s most-famed dishes with a Parisian twist, from the Pinoy Caesar Salad to the Salted Egg Bibingka Cheesecake.

Bale Dutung

Image 5 food guide

Another top restaurant for travellers who want to experience the finer side of Filipino dining, Bale Dutung specialises in gourmet degustations, with three distinct menus to choose from. Whether you sample the signature Kapangpangan Menu or indulge in the eleven-course Lechon Menu, this traditional eatery is sure to leave you satisfied.

Jiro Asia

Image 6 food guide

If Pampanga’s love of pork-based dishes leaves you hungry for something from the sea, dig in to a selection of fresh sashimi and sushi rolls at Jiro Asia. Also serving up a selection of stir fried noodles, rice dishes and ramen, this locally-loved eatery is the best destination for authentic Japanese and Chines cuisine in Angeles City.


Image 7 food guide

Want to try a little bit of everything while you’re in Pampanga? Opt for the all-you-can-eat buffet at The HUES restaurant. Set amidst the chic, contemporary surrounds of Park Inn by Radisson Clark, this acclaimed dining hall combines Filipino favourites with international flavours to ensure everyone at the table gets a taste sensation.

Ready to eat your way through the culinary capital of the Philippines? Plan your stay at Park Inn by Radisson Clark and experience the best Pampanga restaurants one bite at a time.

A Culinary Tour of Glasgow




I bet you didn’t know that Glasgow invented the world famous chicken tikka masala… well sort of. Rumour has it that the most popular Indian curry ever was created in a restaurant in the Kelvinbridge area in the 1970s. Aside from the myths, Glasgow has a gastronomic feast of all sorts of cuisines from Russian, Lebanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, and Spanish just to name a few. The Glasweigans love to socialise and catch up over some hearty grub. If you’re a foodie fan you’ll need this list of culinary delights to visit on your next trip to Scotland’s second capital.

Rogano, Exchange Place, City Centre

Have you ever dined in a 1920’s art deco ocean liner themed seafood restaurant? There can’t be many of them around so be sure to book into Rogano in Glasgow’s Exchange Place. There’s such a unique ambience here, it might be the unusual Queen Mary decorated room but you will not be disappointed. This place has been an institution in the city since 1935 and constantly voted as the number one eatery in this part of the world. I’ve heard you sometimes need to book weeks in advance to make sure you get a table especially on public holidays. So what’s on the menu? Classical Scottish fish dishes, sumptuous fresh oysters, haddock, tasty winter soup and to-die-for desserts. Cost wise, it is at the higher end of the menu spectrum but if you’re visiting the city why not treat yourself? Rogano always comes up tops on service and the quality of their food.


Hanoi Bike Shop, Ruthven Lane, West End

If you jump on the underground out to Hillhead, across the road from the station is a cobbled lane that is a treasure trove of cafes and shops. Nestled in amongst it is the Vietnamese restaurant, Hanoi Bike Shop. It’s definitely an Asian dining experience with a difference. Walking in, you’ll see the old bicycle tyres on the walls and a beautiful array of multi-coloured lanterns. From the off you’ll realise that there are no starters or mains on the menu – this is a sharing restaurant. Just order meals to share with your dinner date or group and the dishes are brought to you dish by dish. Customer favourite include chilli spiced prawns, coconut and rice pancakes plus scrumptious marinated chicken and pork pot dishes. A brilliant dining concept to round up your mates for hanging out.

Mother India, Westminster Terrace, City Centre

Probably the best Indian restaurant that’s ever graced the city, the renowned Mother India’s menu is an eclectic mix of Scottish and Indian flavours – and it really works.  The chef’s love a bit of experimentation with flavours and using herbs such as fresh dill worked in with chilli and ginger. In amongst the traditional Indian dishes is an exciting seafood selection such a halibut and monkfish which gives and extra edge to the menu. It’s the perfect place to take time out from the bustling streets and to relax in the comfy seats. The owners are big on achieving recognition for their efforts too and regularly compete in the national curry king competitions. You’ll be surprised at the quality for money here, a two course meal plus wine and sides for two will come in at under £45.

Tinto Tapas, Battlefield Road, Shawlands

Some spicy Spanish flavours await you at Tinto Tapas. As one of the oldest Spanish restaurants in Glasgow they’ve got dishes for all occasions here – whether it’s a sharing paella or tapas to mix and match on a date. This family run establishment only have a handful of tables but they’re not short on providing attentive service and the tastiest dishes this side of Barcelona. You could literally order everything off the menu it sounds and looks so tasty – but leave room for the traditional Spanish desserts and homemade sangria. Definitely worth venturing to the south side of the city for.

A trip to Glasgow can cost as little as £30 on the train from southern England or you can fly with Flybe to Glasgow International Airport. Did you know you can get Flybe discount codes to help save some money on flights from all over the UK to Glasgow? A foodie tour of the city doesn’t have to be expensive!

5 of the Best Culinary Escapes in the UK

London pic

Love food? For sure, you will love the UK! It is home to some of the best culinary destinations in the world. You will surely have a memorable holiday not only because your eyes will enjoy wonderful sights, but also because your stomach will be in for a treat. Be ready to indulge in a gastronomic journey and your taste buds will definitely thank you!


This is city that is well loved by foodies, not only because of its large selection of Michelin-starred restaurants, but because of having excellent food in general. Even if you are on a budget, expect that you will be spoiled for choices. Some of the British foods that you should order include pie and mash, fish and chips, Sunday roast, Yorkshire pudding, and Full English breakfast. Treat yourself as well for a traditional afternoon tea.


Like London, this is a destination with diverse selection of Michelin-star restaurants. There are seven cities in Yorkshire, each with the promise of taking you in a culinary journey. From local dishes to international cuisine, the options on where to eat will be almost endless. When in Bradford, The Grouse Inn and Prashad are two of the places that should not be missed. Meanwhile, when in Hull, Tapasya is a good destination for those who love Indian food. If you want classic European dishes, head to The Grill Room in York. If you enjoy cooking, why not take turns cooking for each other in a large holiday home in Yorkshire.


Regardless of what is it that you want to eat, Bray in Ireland can offer something that you will surely not forget. From cheap eateries to fine dining establishments, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the abundance of the choices. If you love pizza, make sure to visit Platform Pizza. Make sure to book early as it can easily get full, especially during the peak season. The Harbour Bar, which has been once dubbed by the Lonely Planet as the Best Bar in the World, will also be worth checking out. For seafood feast, meanwhile, head over to Barracuda.


This is a destination that is famous for its cross-cultural cuisine, which means that this is going to offer something for everyone. While there are many Michelin-star restaurants, one of the places that should not be missed is Timberyard, a restaurant that is known for using the finest local produce in their ingredients. If you are on a budget, Field is a restaurant that serves high-end meals at prices that will surely be easy on the wallet. If you really want to make the most of your trip, you could rent a castle or stately home for your group to stay in.


Being located near the seaside, this is another destination that is perfect for a gastronomic feast, especially for people who love fresh seafood. One place that you should check is 64 Degrees, which is known for its innovative menu. The menu changes depending on what is available for the season. The Coal Shed is also a popular choice, which is known for their farm to table concept, providing you with the assurance that each dish is made with the use of the freshest ingredients that are available.

4 Foodie Cities in Europe you Have to Try


Europe is one of the best regions when it comes to gastronomic feast. It is abundant with choices when it comes to cities that will surely give your appetite a treat. Clueless on where you should be heading? Keep on reading and we’ll recommend some of the best cities that should be part of your bucket list.


Spain is known for its culinary heritage and Madrid is one of the best places where you can taste the best that the country has to offer. Among others, one of the first that you should sample would be the mouth-watering tapas. They are served in almost any restaurant in Madrid. Seafood paella is another dish that should not be missed if you want to eat like a local. Cocido Madrileno, a traditional Spanish stew, is sure to give you a filling treat as well. Buevos rotos, which means broken eggs, will also be worth tasting. Lastly, do not leave without having a bite of the infamous bocadillo de calamares or fried squid sandwich.


Food culture is one of the things that made Nice a popular destination in France. Provence, which is popular for its olive oil, is one of the most popular places. Make sure to visit Cours Saleya, known as one of the best markets in Nice. It is a good place to shop for fresh produce. For the best of local flavours, make sure to head to Old Town, which is locally known as Vieille Ville. You can experiment cooking with fresh regional food in a villa in the Cote d’Azur.

Do not leave without trying socca, which is a thin pancake made from chickpea flour and seasoned with black pepper. Salad Nicoise will also give your taste buds a treat. This is a combination of tuna, tomatoes, anchovies, hard-boiled eggs, and cucumber.


As one of the most progressive cities in the world, expect that you will enjoy the food scene in London, especially as it is home to a wide selection of Michelin-starred restaurants. There are many options for fine dining, but there are also places where you can enjoy good food without having to splurge. Some of the traditional dishes that you should try include fish and chips, Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding, pie and mash, and sticky toffee pudding. Of course, your visit is not complete without trying the traditional afternoon tea. Aside from tea, you can indulge in a wide selection of finger sandwiches, pastries, and scones. Match it with a glass of champagne for a more fabulous experience.


Italy is a country that is known for good food and Rome is one of the best places where you can experience its rich culinary heritage. Among others, one that you should try is Pizza Bianca or White Pizza. It is a light-tasting pizza with a hint of saltiness. Pasta will be abundant in Rome. One of the best that you should sample is Cacio e Pepe, which is made using black pepper and Romano cheese. You should also taste their infamous carbonara. It is simple, but delicious. Roman-style pizza can also be found almost anywhere.

Few of the Top Food Spots to Check Out in Seattle


Pike Place Chowder

You will find a broad number of activities worth experiencing in Seattle, from browsing the stalls of Pike Place Market to viewing the local museums to hitting the trails on your mountain bike. One activity you won’t want to miss out on when you’re in town is dining in one of the many fabulous restaurants Seattle has to offer. It might be impossible to name and describe all of the amazing options in the area, but here are a few of the top food spots that countless locals and visitors appreciate.

San Fermo

This quaint Italian restaurant is not to be missed. The service is friendly and professional, and the decadent cuisine will tempt you to come back for another meal at your next opportunity. The restaurant is located in an impeccably modernized historic house with a comfortable ambiance, and the outdoor deck seating is both cozy and rustic. Menu options you may want to sample include baguettes with butter and salt, roasted beet salad, duck ravioli, and pumpkin gnocchi.

Pike Place Chowder

If you’re looking for an affordable place to indulge in a bowl of hearty chowder, look no further than this popular eatery (actually, you can choose from two Pike Place Chowder locations in Seattle). Be prepared to stand in line because the word has long been out about this fashionable chowder café. You will – of course – want to try a big bowl of chowder if you’re a fan of such fare; you can select from a diversity of chowder varieties that feature ingredients such as seared scallops, crabs and oysters, and smoked salmon – and you can even get a vegan chowder made with coconut milk.

Café Munir

This is a destination spot for vegetarians, but meat eaters have plenty of delectable menu items to consider, as well. Café Munir is known by locals as a “hidden gem”; this is likely due to the fact that this establishment has a relaxed atmosphere with lovely arched doorways and pretty light fixtures suspended from the ceiling. The main attraction here, though, is the food. The owner has Lebanese roots, and his menu offerings are likely as delicious as anything you’d find in that part of the world. You might start with an appetizer made from pureed chickpeas or eggplant – in fact, you should order this as a starter if you’ve never tried it. The pastry options include fillings of lamb, cheese, and eggplant, and the grilled meats and vegetables are mouth-watering.

Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya

Ramen is still all the rage in urban areas across the world, and you can enjoy some of the finest in Seattle when you dine at Kizuki. The setting is casual, and the décor is Japanese-inspired to match the cuisine. The ramen choices will not leave you hungry, and they include chicken ramen, spicy ramen, ramen with kelp and a citrus base, and a veggie option with shiitake mushrooms. If you’re not in the mood for ramen, you can sample chilled tofu, vegetable tempura, octopus dumplings, deep-fried squid, and plenty of other Japanese specialties.

You will always find a wealth of tempting dining opportunities in Seattle. Whether you’re looking for ethnic fare, seafood, or fine cuisine, this city has numerous places to satisfy every culinary desire. With so many possibilities to explore, you might discover that you never want to eat at home again.


This article was contributed on behalf of Stita Taxi, your number one choice when looking for a taxi in the Seattle area.

Is Slow Food a Healthy Move?

Slow Food

Are you looking for a better way to eat? Maybe you want to know how to lower your cholesterol, maintain a healthy weight, or just get more out of your meals. The slow food movement may be the answer to your questions. In this article we discuss what slow food means, and why it’s still one of the biggest health trends around.

What is slow food?

Developed by cooks and diners in Italy in the 1980s, slow food is an eating philosophy that savours a more leisurely pace of life. It argues that the modern world is too focused on doing things quickly and forgets to do things properly, including food. Eating slow is about savouring meals, really tasting every bite, but also taking the time to look at how and what we eat. The slow food movement has consistently turned its attention to the source of the ingredients, asking how meals are produced and how this might be done better.

Slow Food and Health

OK, but what has this got to do with health? Although not specifically designed for those of us who are wondering how to lower your cholesterol or lose weight, there are in fact lots of ways slow food promotes healthy eating. First and foremost, studies suggest we tend to eat less when we take our time over food. This is because we more easily recognise when our stomachs are full and do not automatically overeat.

Slow food also puts strong emphasis on the social, family side of food. Eating is a social act, and when people see their meals as a way to relax and spend meaningful time with their loved ones, it might also help them to limit stress eating.

A further key link between slow food and healthy eating concerns ingredients. This philosophy emphasises eating wholesome, local and seasonal food. In practice, this means a lot of vegetables and whole grains. The approach ensures your diet varies throughout the year, and helps you to skip eating processed foods with large amounts of saturated fat, or added salt and sugar.

So if you’re looking to improve your lifestyle – maybe wondering how to lower your cholesterol or maintain a healthy weight – the slow food philosophy of eating less by savouring more, of eating seasonal and local, healthy ingredients and including lots of vegetables, could be a good place to start. Read more about it online, join your local group and get started.

The Best of Italy’s Food and Drink




The uninitiated might think the boundaries of Italian food and drink end with pizza or pasta and a bottle of Chianti – needless to say, this only scratches the surface and the ubiquitous Italian restaurant you might find on any English high street does poor justice to the sheer range, variety and quality of the best of Italy’s food and drink.

It is because of that variety and the marked diversity of individual regional cuisines that a holiday using a single base in the country is unlikely to do justice to all that is on offer. For some idea of the very different gourmet dishes and chefs to be found the length and breadth of the country, you might want to look no further than the Telegraph newspaper’s reviews published on the 5th of January 2016 about just some of the leading establishments.

It is because of this diversity and regional variation that Italy multi centre holidays may be a way for you to enjoy a lot of what Italy has to offer in its different areas.

Here are some of the dishes and drinks you might want to sample as you make your way between your chosen holiday centres.


Lobster (aragosta) and many types of seafood, fished fresh from the Mediterranean, provide some of the most flavoursome dishes wherever you are in the country.

Bottarga, or botargo, is another variant on the fish dish. In this instance, the dried roe of fish, such as swordfish, tuna or grey mullet, are spread thinly on bread or grated over rice, omelettes, mozzarella cheese or even potatoes.

The white and the black truffle are known as the king and queen of Italian cuisine – and come with a price tag to match. In fact, there are as many as six to eight different species of truffle to be found in Italy and each is treated with delicacy and respect.

The same goes for what might be considered the humble mushroom in other parts of the world – in Italy the Ovoli and Porcini varieties are revered for their delicacy almost as much as the truffle and come a close second in terms of the price.


Italy is the world’s foremost producer of wine, so it may come as no surprise that there are more than 20 major types of grape variety that go into the production of wine.

Of those different varieties, three are the most important:

  • Sangiovese – used predominantly in the production of the Chiantis of Tuscany and Umbria, this grape is planted all over Italy and is known for its flavours of cherries and herbs, its tannin content and its high acidity.
  • Nebbiolo – the grape from which probably two of the most highly prized Italian wines – Barbaresco and Barolo – from the Piedmont region are made.
  • Barbera – planted almost as widely as Sangiovese, the Barbera variety is somewhat lighter bodied, with less tannin content but with high acidity.

White grape varieties are equally prized, with Pinot Grigio probably the most widely known and loved. Tocai Friulano (from the Friuli region) runs a close second in terms of its crisp acidity. Trebbiano grapes are commonly grown, although appear mainly in the less expensive bottles of white wine that might accompany shellfish dishes, rather than wine drunk on its own.

Whether you love pizza, pasta, refined fish and shellfish dishes or decadent desserts, Italy has a wealth of cuisine to discover and is the perfect destination for foodies looking for a cultural holiday in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries.

Enjoying Healthy Americanah in the UK

Enjoying Healthy Americanah in the UK


Here in the UK, we are often given the impression by import shops and the world food aisle in supermarkets that “American cuisine” consists of Lucky Charms, Twinkies, saltwater taffy, and a host of other fatty, sugary treats. The truth is that real American home-cooking doesn’t travel as well as a Tootsie Roll.

Lucky Charms may be available to buy across the US, but that doesn’t make them any kind of representative for the vast and diverse cuisines that America’s fifty states have to offer. Sweet, fatty and salty treats are great from time to time, but if you’re wondering how to lower cholesterol, or manage a healthy weight, they shouldn’t be first on the menu.

So if you have a real taste for the American pantry, read on for some simple ideas on eating healthier American cuisine in the UK.

Chunky (not fat) pancakes

Think of breakfast time in an American roadside diner, and what do you see? Pancakes. The humble pancake exists in a thousand permutations across the world, but it’s in America that we see them thick, hot, and fluffy.

Really indulgent pancakes are made with buttermilk, so the batter is as rich as can be. When you buy American pancake mix in UK wholesalers, they will tend to include saturated fats, which are not so great for your cholesterol levels. If you’re wondering how to lower cholesterol, here’s a great opportunity to reduce the saturated fat in your pancakes: try making  them from scratch and swapping out milk or powdered milk for half a cup of water mixed with flax meal, or a few spoons of fat-free Greek yogurt. Don’t forget to throw in some fresh blueberries or banana for extra moisture!

Real American diner pancakes are cooked on an oiled hotplate, so when we recreate them at home, it’s tempting to use a lot of oil to recreate that crispy edge. Over-use of oil also happens to be one of the worst ways of butchering what could be a healthy and balanced dish. When it comes to frying your pancakes, remember – heat is key. With a hot enough pan, you won’t need a lot of oil.

Sweet (not sugary) slushies

The slushie is as ubiquitous in our imagined sunny road trips along Route 66 as it is in the Simpsons. The ice part is great – cooling hydration at its finest. But the vibrantly coloured sugar syrup? Not so good for you.

If you have a taste for slushies that can’t be quenched by the occasional treat, consider making them at home – you’ll have far more control over what goes into it. Specialised slushie machines can be bought, but you can just as easily grate or blend ice, then add whatever flavourings you dream up.

Try mixing apple juice with a spoonful of honey and a pinch of cinnamon, or a cooled shot of espresso with a sprinkle of chocolate powder – either of these DIY “syrups” can be made fresh to go, for an American taste that doesn’t come in an imported bottle of bright blue gloop.

Meaty (not greasy) burgers

The burger is truly a world food at this point, but when it comes to loading it up, nobody bulks out an original sandwich like an American grillmaster. Bacon, spray cheese, pickles, sweet sauces, even doughnuts – there’s nothing you can’t put in a burger in the US of A.

For regular meals at home, though, you might want to look into spicing up your burger with slightly healthier toppings. Consider trying an unusual cheese, like low-fat feta, mixed with some herbs and sliced olives. Swap out that bacon for turkey rashers to get a taste of crispy salt in there, and never underestimate the power of avocado mashed with cracked pepper.

If you’re confused about how to lower cholesterol and still enjoy the burgers you love, consider the meat of your burger as well. While meat tends to be higher in saturated fat, leaner patties, and meats with a little less saturated fat overall compared to beef (like chicken) are good options.

Low-sugar sauces taste best when they’re made at home. There’s nothing to making your own ketchup, and boy is it worth it. Simply simmer canned or fresh tomatoes until they’re thick enough to stick to a spoon, add a dash of sweetening with honey or maple syrup, then go wild with paprika, pepper, and a dash of cider vinegar. Delicious.